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Fibre Faults and Remedial Works April 2016 – January 2020

Location: Location of works are undertaken across all of Auckland, Pukekohe to Warkworth.

Scope: This project entailed the installation of:

  • Fault finding from ONT to the exchange using light and OTDR testing.
  • Drilling and thrusting continuous duct and ribbonet cables for repair.
  • Trenching duct and ribbonet cables for repair.
  • Reinstatement, concrete and roadway m2.
  • Hauling and proving ribbonet/micronet cables for repair.
  • Pleasure testing and fibre blowing through micronet/ribbonet cables. Blowing capabilities include 2-12abf and 24-246mf fibre cables.
  • Concrete Manhole and network access chamber installation.
  • Complete fibre closure installation from A4 to BE6 closures.
  • Restoration and replacement of Aerial fibre cables from single leads to 116aef distribution cables.
  • Restoration and installation of overhead fibre terminals – B8 to C12.
  • Single feeder and fibre splicing to complete fibre straight joints, 2f to 246mf cables.
  • Exchange work include IOLM testing, jumper running, and maintenance of SFP’s.
  • Traffic Management, L2 roadway shoulder and lane closures.
  • Fibre cutovers and re-homes includes CRQ permit requests and communications with Nokia Chorus.
  • Complete GLC conversion (above ground ABFFP to underground ABFFP’s.
  • Complete above ground Cabinet maintenance and restoration/replacement.


  • Consistently repairing the network to standard.
  • Recognised by Visionstream FM’s and representatives for completing high priority jobs.
  • Recognised by Chorus representatives for completing high priority jobs.
  • Meeting the required productivity targets and deadlines.
  • Recognised for being the last point of call, where others have failed, we have provided a solution and executed the repairs.
  • Client Telco: Fibre Faults and Remedial Works
  • Date January 1, 2020
  • Tags Concrete repair and restoration, Fibre ducting installation, Horizontal directional drilling, Overhead communications cabling, Site restoration and rehabilitation, Traffic and pedestrian management, Underground communications installation, Underground utilities installation, Utilities fault finding and repair

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