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UFB1 April 2012 – April 2016

Location: Red Beach Exchange Orewa

Scope: This project entailed the installation of:

  • Drilling and thrusting continuous duct, and ribbonets, 6783km
  • Trenching 2091Km
  • Hauling and proving ribbonet/micronet duct 7274Km
  • 64 Manholes
  • Aerial spanning 93640Km
  • Reinstatement, concrete and roadway 1090m2
  • Testing, micronet/ribbonet 1940
  • Blowing Fibre 8977KM
  • Splicing, lay up fibres in control Joint/ABFFP/AFAT/ Exchange
  • Traffic Management, L2 roadways, 37 Days


  • Working multiple sites logistically challanging. This required intense traffic management in which Auckland Transport conducted multiple audits with very positive feedback.
  • Managing Projects while minimising impact to local residents through traffic management and working with the local community.
  • Installing total end to end Telecommunications infrastructure in the Red Beach Exchange Owera.
  • Meet the required productivity targets and deadlines.
  • Producing Chours approved birth certiticates on project completion.
  • Client Telco: Central Exchange
  • Date April 1, 2016
  • Tags Concrete repair and restoration, Fibre ducting installation, Horizontal directional drilling, Site restoration and rehabilitation, Traffic and pedestrian management, Underground communications installation, Underground utilities installation

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